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2019-2020 Traditional application will be available on July 1, 2019.  



The HACC of Maryland Apprenticeship Program was established in 1996 to train technicians to work in the HVACR industry. Well-trained, reliable technicians are in constant demand in the industry.

The program is a four-year curriculum that gives credit for on-the-job and classroom training. Classes are held two evenings a week, from September through April at Carroll Community College in Westminster, Cecil College in North East, Harford Community College in Bel Air and Howard Community College in Columbia.

A registered apprentice is registered with the State of Maryland's Apprenticeship and Training Council. The council sets the rules for the program and will issue an apprenticeship completion certification upon successful completion of the program. This certificate enables students to apply for and be granted a State HVACR journeyman license without taking the exam.

Although you do not have to be employed by an HVACR contractor to start the program, applicants will need to find a job in the industry by the start of your second year in the program. You must earn 8000 on the job training hours to complete the program.  You will have 5 years to complete your hours.  Typically students earn 2,000 hours a year.  It is up to the student to find a contractor to work for.  Our website contains a list of our members.  Our membership list is a great place to start your job search, but you are not required to work for a member of our organization.

Applications are posted on our website on July 1 of each year for the following school year and will be due the third week of August.

The following topics are covered in each year:

Year 1: # of Hours
Introduction to Trade, Tools& Safety 20
Basic Heating Cycle 20
Basic Math 20
Refrigeration Cycles & Basic Refrigeration 40
Basic Electricity I 20
Basic Electricity II 20
Trade Math 20
Year 2: # of Hours
Fundamentals of Brazing & Soldering 20
AC/DC Circuits, Electric Motors & Starters 20
Wiring & Testing 20
HVAC Controls - Start Up & Testing 40
Advanced Refrigeration & Pipe Fitting 40
Communication Skills 20
Year 3: # of Hours
Trouble Shooting - Gas, Oil, Electric Heating & Cooling 40
Heat Pumps & Heat Pump Trouble Shooting 40
Refrigeration Installation & Service ┬ĘC Commercial 20
Chilled Water Systems - Cooling Towers & Pumps 20
Boilers & Hydronics 40
Year 4: # of Hours

Heat Loss/Gain Calculations ..................................................................................... ...........

Introduction to NEC/HVACR 40
Introduction to Electronics/HVACR 20
Introduction to BOCA Mechanical Code/HVACR 20
Blue Print Reading 20
Air Distribution Systems - Balancing & Measuring 20


For more information, contact the HACC office by phone at (410) 431-8889 or e-mail at sanderson@haccmd.org.


Returning Students will be billed for the 2018-2019  on August 1st.


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